Thanks for Outlook

Emails are a part of everyday use for an employee. Without switching platforms, stay connected to your colleagues and build a culture of recognition around your mailbox!

Thanks Outlook Bots

How to get started?

Along with a wide range of add-ins for Outlook, you can find the Thanks plugin in the Microsoft market store. The Office 365 admin or individual users by themselves can add Thanks to their home ribbon.

Installation by an Admin

As an Office 365 admin, you can use the installation process flow for the Thanks plugin as per what is followed in your organization. Based on the deployment methods available to an admin, you can either install the plugin for all the employees, specific ones, or make it available for individual users to install.

Installation by a User

In case the administrator has missed out to add Thanks to an employee's Outlook, the individual user can themselves visit the market place. With simplified add-in access, the Outlook market place lets you integrate Thanks app to your home ribbon in just two clicks.

Get access to the recognition features

Thanks lets you access recognition capabilities right in the flow of work. Activate the features by signing in to your Microsoft account. The plugin will be seen as enabled only while you stay in your inbox. Receive instant notifications on emails and stay connected to the everyday activities on the platform.

Never miss an opportunity to appreciate your peers

For work done big or small, a note of recognition goes a long way. No matter how hectic your schedule looks, instant recognition to your peers can now be done right in the flow of work.

Start your day with virtual greetings

As we start our day around emails, why not begin by sending wishes across from your mailbox? Sometimes a 'Happy Monday' email notification is all that you might want your colleague to see as the first email on a Monday morning.

Share gifts and make someone's day

Share your earned reward points with your peers and send them as gifts. Let them know you care to make their day go special.

What's interesting here?

You now have an alternative to avoid typing in your colleague's name or email id. Start adding the users connected to your mail thread by selecting the respective email. A list of all the employees connected to your mail thread will be seen. You can even add multiple users, for team appreciations.

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