What is Thanks?

Thanks is a cutting edge employee recognition platform specifically designed to make setting up your organization wide employee recognition programs – fast, easy and simple.
Thanks gives HR leaders the ability to address inconsistent recognition practices with a simple, self-service solution. The intuitive UI, simple administration setup and integrated digital rewards make it easy for companies to deploy and monitor employee recognition programs globally. Whether you are just starting out or growing and improving your program, the Thanks platform puts engaging, transparent, structured recognition into your organization’s everyday flow of work.

Thanks is specifically designed to make setting up and maintaining employee recognition programs globally fast, easy and simple. Everything from the admininstrator functions, user interface and analytics are intuitive and fast – saving you time and effort in learning how to use the platform. You don’t need heavy involvement of your technology, design or marketing teams to get the program up and running in Thanks – everything you need is ready to use out of the box and just a click away.
Imagine a conversation at the watercooler where you hear about your colleague’s achievement. You would congratulate her in the flow of the talk and others will jump in as well.
Now we use a multitude of tools at work like email, chat and collaboration tools in which we are having ‘work’ conversations. Thanks gives you the power to embed formal and meaningful recognition in the flow of that work conversation and also to make it social and visible to the entire organization. It is like shouting out your congratulations in the company cafeteria at lunch time, only so much nicer. Thanks integrates with a variety of popular work tools like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workplace. You can now give recognition in the flow wherever you are, whenever you want.
We offer a no obligation absolutely FREE trial for one month. You can sign up with your work email ID here
Yes. This platform is for corporate users. You will not be able to sign up with email ID’s from domain names usually associated with personal email like @yahoo, @outlook, @gmail.
We have a tiered pricing structure. Check out the details here
Yes, Thanks integrates with most popular work tools. For a more detailed description of tools and platforms we support, please check out the integrations page.
The Thanks bot integrates with Workplace to provide recognition in the flow of work. Employees can recognize colleagues from within their chat conversations and do not have to login to the web platform. For more details on how the bots work, please check out the Thanks bot information page.
Yes. Organizations can choose to activate both the Thanks bot and also use the Thanks web platform. The Bot is optimized for recognition in the flow of work, while the Thanks platform is designed to provide an engaging experience.
Unfortunately, Thanks spot cards can no longer be redeemed. The spot cards were discontinued several years ago, and the companies that purchased them were notified that all cards needed to be redeemed before that website was discontinued.
My organization is subject to EU GDPR. Can I use Thanks?
Yes. O.C. Tanner is EU-GDPR compliant. O.C. Tanner works as a data processor and processes the data only for providing the desired service as per the Data controller, i,e; the Client. To avail, the service Thanks doesn’t require any sensitive information. Personal Identifiable Information(PII) is encrypted at rest and during network transmission to ensure safety and privacy.
The client is the owner of all the employee information shared with Thanks/O.C.Tanner. The ownership of any transactional data(Without PII)generated by the user during usage of the platform remains with Thanks to ensure adherence with the financial/legal requirement.
Once the employee leaves the organization and client intimates us, the employee access is removed from the system and the user cannot access the portal or use any points further. Any unredeemed points gets lapsed.
Our data centre is hosted with IBM Cloud, Singapore.
How does Thanks keep data secure?
  • As an organization, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified, EU-GDPR compliant and SOC2 Type 1 certified. Detailed policies and procedures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of data.
  • Based on access control policies, access to the production server is IP restricted and client data access is granted on a need to know basis. Logs are captured for audit purposes.
  • All client data is logically segregated and access to the portal is login based. (Preferred single sign-on to sync the login access with internal Identity provider)
  • Data at rest are encrypted using AES 256 bit and all network transmission happens over HTTPS, TLS 1.2.
  • User data sharing by the client happens over SFTP file transfer or REST API over https.
Yes, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified, EU-GDPR compliant and SOC2 Type 1 certified company. Currently, we are working on ensuring our compliance with SOC2 Type 2 and NESA compliance.

By default, Thanks platform doesn’t share any client user PII with third party. In case there is a need to provide the service, the personal data is shared with trusted affiliates or related companies for the limited purposes of providing services on the Platforms on a need to know basis and subject to confidentiality obligations.

  • 1 In case the user orders any physical voucher/product for shipment the shipping address is shared with courier agency.
  • 2 If the user wants to make any top up with credit/debit card during the purchase of voucher, for legal compliance purposes, the user billing address is shared with payment gateway service provider.

Apart from that Thanks platform shares aggregated data without PII with analytics service provider to measure the platform usage and performance.

Is Thanks SOC certified?
Yes, we are SOC2 type I certified and currently working for type II certification.
Security is paramount to us and we are committed to provide the best in class security for the service. Clients can directly reach out to us for any security questions/concerns. We will try to provide all the relevant answers for the questions and if required, our security team will get in touch to answer any queries.
How does Thanks pricing work?
Please check out the Pricing page for more details.
Please get in touch with us here